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That said the market has been a left a little disappointed by the asset purchase amount of JPY 10trn and USD/JPY, along with AUD/JPY and NZD/JPY has come back off marginally.

The pound / Australian dollar exchange rate is a quarter of a percent lower at 1.5018. Earlier this morning we witnessed GBP/AUD crash through the 1.5 level. Judging by sterling's recent performances we would expect a determined push lower to happen sooner rather than later.

The euro / Australian dollar exchange rate is 0.25 pct down on Monday night's closing level; EUR/AUD is at 1.2630.

The Australian dollar / US dollar exchange rate is 0.51 pct down at 1.0570.

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AUD/USD to be rangebound?

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Hamish Pepper at Barclays today forecasts the Australian dollar to settle into a rangebound pattern as it trades against the US dollar:

"We expect AUD/USD to trade in a relatively symmetrical and narrow range for the rest of the quarter, reflecting countervailing forces, before grinding lower over the remainder of the year."

Pepper says AUD/USD is likely to remain supported near term as global risk sentiment continues to improve on the back of diminishing global tail risks (eg, the US fiscal cliff, eurozone and China growth concerns).

Most recently, Congressional Republican leaders reportedly announced their intention to increase the debt ceiling until April, reducing the potential for a risk sell-off driven by US political gridlock this quarter.

"At the same time, significant near-term AUD/USD appreciation is unlikely, with Australian inflation data this week likely to confirm that the RBA’s easing bias remains appropriate. Domestic activity indicators remain mixed, and Australia-US interest rate differentials suggest AUD/USD should be lower, in our view," says Pepper.