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The pound / Australian dollar exchange rate is 0.16 pct down on Thursday night's closing level; GBP/AUD is at 1.5193 at 13:50.

The euro / Australian dollar exchange rate is 0.66 pct higher at 1.3113.

The Australian dollar / US dollar pairing is 0.08 pct down at 1.0415.

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NZD and AUD diverge

"The divergent Antipodean currency performance overnight is a perfect example, where the NZD extended gains on the back of another hawkish speech by RBNZ Governor Wheeler, while the AUD was weighed by the pressure from a disappointing official Chinese manufacturing PMI on top of some soft Australian data," says Shaun Osborne at TD Securities.

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Australian house prices rose +1.2 pct in January, to be +1.8 pct on the year, this is the first positive annual print in a year.

Q4 PPI rose +0.2 pct, below market expectations for a reading of +0.5 pct, but now it’s released after CPI, market interest is minimal.

Manufacturing PMI for Jan dropped to 40.2 from 44.3, the worst since June 2009 - manufacturing continues to wilt under the strong currency.

But, is this a turning point in Australian dollar strength?

Leander Dreyer at Jyske Bank has already called a Sell on the rampant euro today, and now he is suggesting it could be time to sell the Australian dollar:

"The overnight PMI data from Australia revealed a drop from 44.3 to 40.2 – the lowest level since the summer of 2009. Australia is definitely among those suffering most from the recent JPY weakening. About 12% of Australian exports go to Japan. If commodity prices begin to fall, AUD will be vulnerable.

"Selling AUD against EUR and DKK is a good hedge against a currency war. Australia still has lots of ammunition in the central bank if it wants a weaker currency. Technically, EURAUD has given a strong buy signal."